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Does your child believe in the tooth fairy?

Tooth fairy traditions from around the world

What happens when one of your child's teeth falls out? Do you call upon the tooth fairy's services like other New Zealand parents? Or do you practise a different method? Discover other tooth fairy traditions from around the world and see what...

Discover how to care for your teeth this Christmas.

5 ways to look after your oral health this...

Christmas is a time spent with friends and family, and also the season where diets tend to take a back seat to make way for sugary treats. Instead of giving up on the mince pies and candy canes, learn how to look after your oral health while...

Find out how to care for your toothbrush today.

Give your toothbrush the TLC it deserves

Your toothbrush is one of the most important tools used to clean teeth. However, it can also harbour unwanted bacteria if it's not looked after properly and it can also increase the risk of infection. Therefore, it's vital that you keep it...

Small changes to your dental routine can prevent big issues from occurring.

How do you treat gum disease?

Are you experiencing increased pain around the gums? You may be living with gum disease, and if left untreated, it can cause further problems.

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