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Let's take a look at some dental history to discover what's up with wisdom teeth.

Wisdom teeth through the ages

Wisdom teeth are the cause of a lot of pain for many Kiwis in their late teens or early twenties. They serve no necessary function to modern humans, so why do we have them? Read on to find out why we grow wisdom teeth, why they're redundant and...

What can you do if your child is scared of the dentist?

What to do if your child has dental anxiety

Everyone is scared of something. Whether it be clowns, snakes or heights, it can be frightening trying to overcome these fears. But what happens if your child is living with dental anxiety? How can you help them to get over this fear and...

Get ready to show off a million dollar smile with the help of a City Dentist dental hygienist.

3 benefits of visiting a dental hygienist

A visit to the dental hygienist is a great way to restore confidence to yourself and significantly improve the overall health of your teeth. Discover more reasons why you should visit your dental hygienist and get ready to show off that million...

Let City Dentists help you on your search for love.

Are your teeth affecting your love life?

Are you struggling to find 'the one'? Don't put your personality to blame. If you're living with damaged or stained teeth, your less than perfect smile may be the cause of the problem. Check out City Dentists' range of cosmetic dentistry...

Apples have been found to help improve the whiteness of your teeth.

3 foods that can naturally whiten your teeth

Many people strive for a brighter and whiter smile. Thankfully, this isn't difficult when City Dentists are around. We offer two incredibly safe and effective whitening treatments. But, did you know that there are also foods known to naturally...

Are you ready to wear the smile you've always wanted?

New year, new smile

Whatever your reason for seeking cosmetic dentistry, here at City Dentists, we won't judge. Instead, we'll work with you to find the most effective solution and get you wearing the smile you've always wanted. Discover our range of cosmetic...

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