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Are dental fillings really toxic?

Are dental fillings really toxic?

The EU is banning the use of dental amalgam on children and pregnant women, begging the question - are fillings as toxic as some people would have us believe?

Discover some of the dental dangers university students face.

The many risks to NZ university...

There's no denying that university is an expensive time for many young New Zealand adults. What with tuition fees, rent and other course-related costs, necessitates like dental care tend to take a back seat.

Discover what your teeth go through over years of development.

A toothy timeline: What to expect as you age

As we get older, changes happen within the body, along with our teeth. From childhood to senior age, the teeth go through some incredible transformations, including the loss of baby teeth, wisdom teeth and the possibility of dental implants...

Dental veneers keep your smile looking fresh - but you still have to care for them!

How to look after your porcelain veneers

Do you have, or are you considering, porcelain veneers? This cosmetic option provides a great alternative to whitening and even covers up cracks or chips. However, just like your real teeth, your veneers must be maintained. Here are our tips...

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