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Do you know how much sugar is in your go-to breakfast?

Just how bad is your favourite breakfast?

Could you be consuming the majority of your recommended daily sugar intake in the first meal of the day? From chocolate puffed rice to fruit-filled muesli, the selection of cereals loaded with added sugar is huge. Take the time to know what...

What can you do if your child is scared of the dentist?

What to do if your child has dental anxiety

Everyone is scared of something. Whether it be clowns, snakes or heights, it can be frightening trying to overcome these fears. But what happens if your child is living with dental anxiety? How can you help them to get over this fear and...

Dried fruits are one of the biggest culprits of tooth decay.

Foods and drinks you didn’t know were...

We are aware of how sugary foods and staining drinks can negatively impact our teeth. But there are also a surprising range of other foods that are also capable of causing damage. Discover three of the unexpected culprits and how you can...

Are you looking after your oral piercing?

Are oral piercings bad for your teeth?

Oral piercings are a popular form of self expression. However, they don't come without their issues. Here are three of the most common conditions associated with oral piercings and how you can prevent complications from arising.

Do you have a sweet tooth?

Top 3 ways to cut down on sugar in 2018

Do you have a sweet tooth? Although sugary snacks are often delicious, they're one of the biggest causes of tooth decay. If you're ready to curb your cravings, follow City Dentists' three handy tips to help you keep tooth decay and other dental...

Get ready to show off a million dollar smile with the help of a City Dentist dental hygienist.

3 benefits of visiting a dental hygienist

A visit to the dental hygienist is a great way to restore confidence to yourself and significantly improve the overall health of your teeth. Discover more reasons why you should visit your dental hygienist and get ready to show off that million...

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