ACC Dentist Wellington

If you’ve suffered from a dental injury caused by an accident or a sporting injury our ACC-registered dentists can help.

City Dentists: Your Go-To for ACC-Covered Dental Care in Wellington

Our practice is an ACC-accredited dental practices , we accept ACC claims for dental treatment, caused by an accident.

If you suffer a dental injury caused by an accident or sporting injury you will need to visit your dentist about the injury as soon as possible.

The treatment needs to be performed by a registered dentist. Your dentist will help you complete an ACC claim form, which they’ll send to ACC.

In most cases, the dentist may be able to treat you on the first visit (buts sometimes this is not possible) and charge you part of their normal fee.
Most of the time, ACC will cover the rest of the cost (Sometimes your injury may not be covered by ACC - in that case you will be liable to the full fee of your treatment.

If you have any questions at the time of your treatment, simply ask your dentist or the front office team.