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5 benefits of sedation dentistry


Imagine going to sleep then waking up and any dental problems you had were magically taken care of. No, not by the tooth fairy – by your regular dentist with the help of sedation dentistry! This technique has several benefits.

1. Helping patients to face their fears

The first and most important benefit of sedation dentistry is that it enables people with extreme anxiety over visiting the dentist to receive the essential dental care they need. The sedative medication used is similar to Valium and helps to relax. Any feelings of fear or anxiety will evaporate entirely, so your visit will be a breeze.

Knowing you’ll be benefiting from sedation dentistry means you can let go of any apprehension before your visit – don’t waste a single second worrying over your appointment!

Sedation dentistry means you will be relaxed and anxiety-free. Sedation dentistry means you will be relaxed and anxiety-free.

2. No painful memories

Patients treated with sedation dentistry usually have no recollection of their treatment. This means you won’t have to recall any discomfort or possible pain from your visit – which can also help you be more relaxed for your next appointment.

3. You’re still able to respond 

This technique isn’t about knocking you out cold, so you don’t have to worry about being unconscious. During conscious sedation dentistry, you’re still awake – you’re just in a very relaxed state. The medication ensures you are still alert and able to respond to any questions, you’ll simply feel drowsy, relaxed and like time is flying by.

4. Multiple treatments in one session

Pretty much any kind of dental treatment can be carried out while you’re under the effects of the sedation medication. Multiple procedures can also be combined into one session, so dental work that would normally require several trips can be taken care of in one easy visit. This is more time efficient for you and means less stress over visiting the dentist!

Lie back and relax with sedation dentistry. Lie back and relax with sedation dentistry.

5. More efficient procedures

The dental procedures you’re receiving can be done in a very efficient manner when you’re under sedation. Because you won’t be able to move around, your dentist can work much more quickly so you’ll be in and out of the chair as fast as possible.

To discover the benefits of sedation dentistry for yourself, get in touch with us today and we’ll help you experience fear-free dental treatment.

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