5 tips for improving your child’s dental care

How can you take better care of your wee one's teeth?

Dental decay is the most prevalent treatable chronic condition in New Zealand. To help make sure your little one doesn't suffer this common fate, it's always best to teach them good habits now while they're still young. Here are five easy way to improve your child's dental care.

1. Make brushing fun

Brushing properly at least twice a day is the surest way to improve and maintain your child's dental health. Use a kids toothbrush and a pea-sized speck of fluoride toothpaste, brushing all surfaces – particularly hard to reach areas like rear molars and the bits where teeth meet gums. 

Making this a habit is important, so take the time to make it fun for your kids when you can. Make a game out of brushing, do it together every morning or offer non-sugary treats as rewards for top-notch technique and consistency. 

Your wee ones teeth can be kept healthy and strong if they develop good habits early on. Your wee one's teeth can be kept healthy and strong if they develop good habits early on.

2. Teach them to floss

It's a common misconception that kids shouldn't floss. In fact, from the age when their teeth develop enough to touch, gentle flossing is a great way to stop decay developing in those gaps between their teeth. You may have to do it yourself at first, but eventually you should teach them to gently and thoroughly floss at least once a day after meals. 

It's a common misconception that kids shouldn't floss.

3. Use kid-sized doses of toothpaste

Using too much toothpaste at a young age can cause enamel defects in developing adult teeth, not to mention a big mess in the sink. Teach your kids to use a pea-sized amount of toothpaste instead, which is more than enough to get the job done. 

4. Cut back on juice

Fizzy drinks aren't the ultimate enemies of little teeth. In fact, juices can be far more damaging, especially since most parents assume they're healthy and don't limit their kid's consumption. The truth is, most juices contain a similar amount of sugar to soft drinks.

Don't overload your kid's toothbrush.Don't overload your kid's toothbrush.

For that reason, juices should be kept as a treat instead of a lunchbox staple. You should also keep an eye on the sugar content of other drinks and foods – just because they seem healthy, doesn't mean they are. 

5. Schedule regular checkups

To keep your child's teeth in shape it's essential to schedule regular dental checkups with a local practice. To make sure your little one's teeth are strong and healthy, get in touch with the team at City Dentists or book an appointment online

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