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Digital dental devices of the future

Dentistry has changed an unbelievable amount in the last few thousand years. From humble beginnings when twigs were used as brushes and ground ash as toothpaste, the technology that we have access to has evolved in leaps and bounds, bringing us everything from simple dental floss to incredibly complex and effective cavity filling solutions. Whether we're talking about the aesthetic side of things or finding the cause of a sore tooth, modern dentists have more power than ever before to provide their customers with precise diagnoses and immediate treatments. 

So where do we go next? 

What powers will new technology give dentists? What powers will new technology give dentists?

Digital dentistry

The next big wave of innovation within the industry is commonly referred to as 'digital dentistry', and as you can imagine it focuses pretty heavily on the very newest technologies. These aren't unique to medicine either, just take a look at your smartphone to see how ubiquitous and powerful the digital revolution really is. Automation is the big buzzword within the industry, but it's important to remember that we're not talking about robotic dentists. There will always be a place the personal, human touch within any medical field, but there is a huge opportunity behind the scenes to get more accurate through automation. 

Dental Economics identifies areas such as precise implant operations, shade matching replacement teeth and even the 3D printing of filling, crowns and dental bridges as areas ripe for digital innovation, and they all make sense when you think about the amount of precision required to perform these tasks. If completed automatically, a more consistent, higher quality of dental work could be achieved. Similarly, check-up appointment times could be shortened, making things more convenient for both dentists and patients.

The Romans were satisfied with using bottle urine as mouthwash, but we certainly wouldn't be.

Why look to the future

Of course, these sorts of innovations are still a few years away, and our current dental technologies remain more than sufficient to deal with any problems or issues that may arise. Even so, it's exciting to think about the possibilities that such development could bring from an efficiency perspective. Imagine how simple it could be to have a perfectly fitted replacement tooth printed out in minutes as soon as you needed it! 

It's worth remembering that the Romans were satisfied with using bottle urine as mouthwash, but we certainly wouldn't be. In the same way, we have no way of knowing what dentistry will look like in 20 years time, but we're certainly looking forward to it!

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