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Teeth whitening: your questions answered

Smiling is one of the most instinctive emotional reactions available to humans and is an essential communicative device. It is used to greet others and show happiness, among other uses. However, for those who are self-conscious of their teeth, smiling can be a source of insecurity and even anxiety. While there are many cosmetic dentistry options available to treat the various reasons behind smile self-consciousness, teeth whitening is one of the easiest and least invasive fixes. Read on for your questions about teeth whitening answered.

What different methods are used for teeth whitening?

Teeth whitening is usually done either in your dentist's office in one visit, or with a take home kit supplied by your dentist or purchased over the counter. Bleaching in the clinic delivers faster results but at a higher price tag and may not offer the most predictable whitening.

Teeth whitening won't work on crowns and veneers.

Take-home whitening kits created by your dentist include custom-fitted whitening trays, which offer good comfort, take around a week of wear to offer full results. Over the counter whitening kits are widely available but it's a good idea to talk with your dentist first to make sure you don't cause damage to your teeth.

What should I know before whitening my teeth?

While teeth whitening kits are readily available for purchase, there are a few things you should consider and discuss with your dentist before going through with the process. Firstly, teeth whitening should only be done with healthy teeth and gums. Any cavities must be filled and a cleaning should be done so that the peroxide can work without any plaque in the way. Teeth whitening can also cause sensitivity, especially for people who already have sensitive teeth. Finally, whitening won't work on crowns and veneers.

Teeth whitening can have an amazing effect on your smile.Teeth whitening can have an amazing effect on your smile.

What results will I get from teeth whitening?

The end results from teeth whitening will depend on the natural whiteness of your teeth in addition to how well you take care of them after the process. Some people naturally have teeth that are a bit more on the yellow side and whitening will not make them any whiter beyond this natural shade. Avoiding foods and drinks that are acidic and/or high in tannins will help keep your teeth bright.

What sorts of staining/discolouration can teeth whitening help fix?

Teeth whitening works best on stains found on the extrinsic, our outside, layer of your teeth. These stains might be caused by tobacco use, drinking dark coloured beverages such as coffee and red wine or lack of dental care.

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