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Weird things that can ruin your teeth

We put a lot of things into our mouths without thinking about the consequences. One of the consequences, of course, being that these foreign objects and substances will ruin our tooth enamel.

Are you guilty of any of these? If so, you might want start being more mindful of the things you put in your mouth, or you could end up with a crooked smile. 

Your tongue piercing

We don't mean to sound like a nagging parent, but that tongue ring of yours isn't cool (for your teeth). One wrong bite and that metal stud can actually crack a tooth. The metal in your mouth can also scratch and ultimately infect your gums, damage of which can lead to tooth loss. And – we've saved the worst for last – when you get your tongue pierced, you create a hole that's easy for bacteria to enter through, which can lead to an infection or sore. So maybe rethink that idea and opt for the always trendy ear piercing. 

Chewable aspirin can wear down tooth enamel due to its acidic nature.

Certain medications

Ah yes, believe it or not, some of the drugs that we ingest in order to make other parts of our body feel better are actually causing trouble to our teeth. Sometimes, antihistamines can cause a dry mouth, which over time can lead to gum issues. Chewable aspirin can wear down tooth enamel due to its acidic nature, and sugary syrups when not brushed away from teeth can lead to decay. Before you take any medication, check out the label to see if there are any toothy side affects.

Nail biting

Sorry to all the nervous Nellies who like to nibble at their nails, but this is a bad habit you need to break (though you probably already knew that). Enough nail biting can wear down your tooth enamel, but the biggest problem here involves your jaw. Having your jaw locked in that position for too long and too often can make it sore and eventually lead to worse complications. If you really feel the need to bite, grab some gum!

Stop biting those nails, it's bad for your teeth.Stop biting those nails, it's bad for your teeth.


Wait, what? You aren't swallowing pool water (we hope), how could you be ingesting chlorine? Well, believe it or not but you probably drink chlorine on a regular basis, though it is a much less harsh than what's in the pool or hot tub. We put it in our water because it kills off harmful bacteria – but that doesn't mean it's great for your teeth. However, if you are an avid swimmer, you do need to be careful as when you're doing laps water can still seep in between your lips and wear away at your enamel. 

The hardness of ice is enough to crack or chip your tooth.

Ice cubes

Are you an ice chewer? Stop that. Ice might only be hard water (and as we've just learned water can even have it's down side) but it's bad for your teeth! The hardness of ice is enough to crack or chip your tooth – especially if the enamel is already a little worn down. And trust us, if your tooth cracks when you're chewing on something as cold as an ice cube, you're going to feel it. Your nerves are super sensitive to extreme temperatures, so cold ice will instantly send shooting pains in your mouth. It won't feel great.

Keep your teeth protected by scheduling a routine visit with us here at City Dentists! Just a couple of check-ups a year will let us better assess your tooth health so we can help fix some aspects of your lifestyle to make you a more tooth conscious person.

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