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Give your toothbrush the TLC it deserves

Your toothbrush is a major factor in maintaining a good level of oral health. If it's damaged, old or dirty, you can't expect the show-stopping smile you've always wanted.

Therefore it's important to look after your toothbrush just as much as your teeth. Find out how to give your toothbrush the TLC it deserves with the following tips and tricks. 

Sharing isn't caring

Although you may share a fork or kiss with someone, this doesn't warrant sharing a toothbrush. Toothbrush bristles get into hard-to-reach places in between and around teeth where thousands of microorganisms live. If shared, these various bacterium can be passed on and increase the risk for infection.

Although you may share a fork or kiss with someone, this doesn't warrant sharing a toothbrush.

This is a huge concern if the person you're sharing with is living with gum disease – a condition that causes the area around the gums to bleed when brushing. Therefore by sharing a toothbrush, you're also sharing blood, which can pave the way to harmful diseases.

If you find yourself frequently staying over at a friend or partner's house, leave a second toothbrush to keep things hygienic.

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Let your toothbrush breathe

Keeping your toothbrush in a closed cover might seem like a reasonable approach to protect it against dirt and germs, but this simple practice could actually leave your toothbrush a lot dirtier.

By placing a wet toothbrush in a closed container, you're generating moisture, which in turn creates an ideal environment for microorganisms to grow.

These plastic containers are a popular choice for people when travelling. Instead of running the risk of a germ-induced toothbrush, simply buy a cheap alternative and leave your usual brush at home.

As a general rule of thumb, allow your toothbrush to air dry in between uses and store upright in a clean position, away from other toothbrushes. This will prevent a buildup of bacteria and keep your brush as clean as possible.

Use and replace frequently

Are the bristles of your toothbrush frayed and damaged? Is it older than three months? Are you recovering from an illness? If the answer is yes to any of these questions it's time to replace your toothbrush.

If your toothbrush isn't in good condition, your teeth will not get a sufficient enough clean. Additionally, germs cling onto toothbrushes, so if you've recently been ill, you may increase the risk of harbouring harmful bacteria which can cause a relapse.

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