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History’s most outrageous tooth tales

Dental practises have been around for more than thousands of years, even if dentistry itself only began in the 1800s. In this time, there have been many odd tooth-related tales, and even today, there’s no shortage of wacky dental stories!

Discover some of the most bizarre below.

Dental decay or decoy?

An inmate from the South Central Regional Jail in South Charleston, America, took a leaf out of Rapunzel’s book when he successfully escaped from prison using a rope made out of dental floss.

While here at City Dentists we recommend using floss only for your teeth, we can’t deny the ingenuity on display in this daring act!

A $40,000 parting gift

Ahead of his death in 1980, Beatles member John Lennon bizarrely gifted one of this teeth to a housekeeper.

In 2011, the tooth was sold at auction. Instead of reaching the expected US$16,000 (NZ$23,081) mark, the tooth sold for an astronomical US$31,000 (NZ$44,719)!

How much does your child's tooth fairy charge?How much does your child’s tooth fairy charge?

The most expensive tooth fairy in the business

For kids, the tooth fairy remains one of life’s big mysteries. However, it’s not just the origin of the tooth fairy that some people may find baffling, the amount of money left by some Australian parents is raising a few eyebrows too.

In a recent survey from Jack n’ Jill Kids, some mums and dads were found to be forking out a whopping $40 per tooth!

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Is the brush worth the bank notes?

In 2014, technology manufacturer Reinast created the world’s most expensive toothbrush, costing US$4,200 (NZ$6059)! The model is made from titanium, and although it boasts an anti-bacterial coating, the toothbrush isn’t even electric!

The dentist putting decay on the back foot.The dentist putting decay on the back foot.

The ironic invention of cotton candy

Cotton candy has been around for more than 200 years. But just who was responsible for creating this sugar-filled sweet treat? Ironically it was dentist William Morrison, who may not have cared for preventing tooth decay as much as he should.

Depp’s dental dedication

In a drastic bid to land the lead role of Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean, Johnny Depp had four gold caps placed on his teeth. After successfully scoring the part, Depp decided to keep the caps on even when filming for the third film ended!

Dentures fit for a president 

A widespread myth surrounding George Washington is that the former American president wore wooden dentures. Although false, George did wear a variety of other dentures made from ivory, gold and lead!

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