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We have ideas about what beautiful teeth look like - but are they the same as in other countries?

Teeth ideals we may take for granted

We prioritise straight, white and pure teeth - but are we the only ones? Much of the world share similar ideas about dental beauty standards, however there are countries now and in the past...

Do you know what you're putting in your coffee?

Can you satisfy your sweet tooth safely?

Most of us are aware of artificial sweeteners and what they can do as a replacement for sugar. However, with confusing names like aspartame and xylitol, do we actually understand what...

Let's take a look at some dental history to discover what's up with wisdom teeth.

Wisdom teeth through the ages

Wisdom teeth are the cause of a lot of pain for many Kiwis in their late teens or early twenties. They serve no necessary function to modern humans, so why do we have them? Read on to find...