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Discover what your teeth go through over years of development.

A toothy timeline: What to expect as you age

As we get older, changes happen within the body, along with our teeth. From childhood to senior age, the teeth go through some incredible transformations, including the loss of baby teeth, wisdom teeth and the possibility of dental implants. Discover what else the teeth go through with the help of City Dentists.

Do you know the difference between a dentist and dental hygienist ? Find out today!

Demystifying dentistry: All about the different roles

Dentistry is a complex industry, made up of many different health care professionals. From dentists to orthodontists, oral surgeons to dental hygienists, it’s important patients understand the ins and outs of each role so they know exactly who to call upon in the event of an oral issue.

We have ideas about what beautiful teeth look like - but are they the same as in other countries?

Teeth ideals we may take for granted

We prioritise straight, white and pure teeth – but are we the only ones? Much of the world share similar ideas about dental beauty standards, however there are countries now and in the past where ideals are different. Let’s take a look at how other parts of the world view teeth.