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The best foods to eat after wisdom teeth removal

Did you just get your wisdom teeth removed? Don't worry, you aren't any dumber for it! In fact, getting those teeth extracted is actually a rather smart move! Dentists typically find it good preventative practice to get them removed. Sometimes this is because mouths don't have enough room to fit the extra teeth which can cause damage to your smile. Other times it's just hard for people to brush all the way back there, and they teeth have to be removed eventually anyway.

But no matter what age you are when you get them removed, there is one universal rule telling you to be mindful about what you eat. We'll help you get through this recovery phase with some delicious foods – we won't stick you with just some boring old pudding! Let's dig in.

No sipping

First things first – when you've gotten any type of teeth removed, it's crucial that you avoid slurping or drinking through a straw, as this can lead to dry socket. Dry socket happens if the clot (that forms once the tooth is removed) is dislodged. Once this clot is moved the jaw bone and nerve are exposed leaving you in some serious pain. So just slow down, chew delicately, don't slurp and you'll be good to go!

Swap your straw for a spoon if you want to enjoy a smoothie after your wisdom tooth removal. Swap your straw for a spoon if you want to enjoy a smoothie after your wisdom tooth removal.

Delicious foods that are good post-tooth removal 

So let's dig right in to the deliciousness, because your diet doesn't have suffer! 

  • Scrambled eggs and goat cheese: Make the classic eggs and cheese a little more gourmet when you cook with goat cheese.
  • Honey tangerine gelatin: Gelatin is easy to eat after your surgery, but after a couple cups it can get pretty boring. Why not spice things up with this sweet and tangy jello flavour?
  • Peanut butter protein shake: Forget the basic milkshake, pump up the protein with the delicious shake flavour. You need some nutrition so the peanut butter shake is a great option!
  • Sweet mashed potatoes: Who doesn't love a good spoonful of mashed potatoes? Make them with a twist and use sweet potatoes and brown sugar and you've got yourself a real special treat. 
  • Macaroni and cheese: The ultimate comfort food! A creamy mac and cheese is just the way to recover – just make sure the noodles aren't crunchy!

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