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The most powerful expression: What’s so special about smiles?


Your smile is the most powerful gesture you can make. It is a basic communication tool that all humans share, with the same meaning across cultures and societies. 

Let’s take a closer look at the simplest and most important expression we humans have. 

Why smiles are special

Smiling is an automatic response to the great moments in our lives. It’s more than just a way to show happiness though – smiling can actually change our brains, affecting our emotional states.

In one study by Hewlett Packard, researchers discovered that just looking at a photo of someone smiling can stimulate the brain’s reward mechanisms. They found that one smile can be the equivalent of 2,000 chocolate bars when it comes to brain stimulation, clearly indicating that smiling can make you feel good. 

Another study published in the Psychological Science journal found that they can reduce stress levels and generate positive emotions instead. As stress-induced hormones can negatively impact your health, smiling can help you stay healthy. 

Did you know…

Smiles may seem commonplace, but they are actually quite mysterious. Here are a few lesser-known facts about this facial expression:

  • Humans smile right from the get-go – ultrasound technology has shown that babies appear to beam in the womb. 
  • Children grin on average 400 times a day. 
  • As adults, happy people smile around 40-50 times a day, but the average person only does so 20 times.

Why do we smile less as we get older? No one knows for sure, but factors such as stress and social norms are thought to make us show happiness less freely. Another reason could be that adults are more prone to worrying about what other people think of them, and the way they look when they laugh. 

Putting your best smile forward

You should never feel ashamed or self-conscious when you smile – you should feel full of confidence and happiness. However we understand that having missing, broken or stained teeth can seriously affect the way you smile. If you hold up your hand or try and keep your mouth closed when you laugh, you may benefit from cosmetic dentistry

Solutions such as dental veneers, crowns, or professional whitening are a great way to make your grin look flawless. Expert cosmetic dental treatment can make you look years younger and ensure that you never feel shy about smiling again. 

To find out more about how you can perfect your smile, get in touch with us today. 

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