Give your mum the gift of a perfect smile for Mother's Day

A smile is the best gift you can give - so why not make it perfect?

Mums are superwomen who often put the needs of their kids before their own, so they are usually the ones pestering you to take good care of your teeth. However, with Mother's Day coming up on May 14, why not turn the tables and think about treating your mum (or the mum of your kids) to a special dental treatment? 

Cosmetic dentistry can work wonders for your mum's self esteem and revamp her whole look. Whether it's fixing up a chipped tooth, getting crowns or veneers or going for a whitening treatment, there are several options that will have your mum's smile shining bright this Mother's Day. 

Cosmetic dentistry can work wonders for your mum's self esteem and revamp her whole look.

Porcelain veneers and crowns

A smile is a huge part of expressing yourself, so you want to make sure it's dazzling. Crooked, discoloured or chipped teeth can not only impede your mum's smile, but seriously affect overall confidence. The solution could be to get porcelain veneers or dental crowns. These treatments are basically a tooth makeover, and can easily rectify cosmetic dental problems. The result can have anti-ageing effects, or even act like instant braces, making your mother's smile even and flawless in just a few weeks!

Veneers cover the front surfaces of the teeth, hiding any cracks, chips or even gaps. Dental crowns can cover a broken or misshapen tooth to improve its appearance and perfect her smile. Book your mum in for an appointment so she can discuss the best options for her with a dentist.

Give your mum even more reasons to smile! Give your mum even more reasons to smile!

Teeth whitening

Having white teeth is the trademark of a movie-star smile. Give your mum a touch of Hollywood glamour by booking her in for a professional whitening treatment.

Bleaching is a simple way to enhance a smile, but it's much more effective than any products you can find in the supermarket or chemists. The procedure removes stains from teeth without damaging the enamel or gums. 

To see the best results, we recommend having a professional cleaning carried out by a dental hygienist first, as the bleaching process doesn't work if there is excess plaque present. 

Of course, if your mum has been too busy looking after the family to pop in for a dental appointment, you should also encourage her to go in for a dental check up. To find out more about dental treatments and how we can make your mum feel special this Mother's Day, get in touch with our team today!

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