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What is smile design?

It's easy to underestimate the importance of a smile, and this is partially due to the fact that they are simply everywhere. Think about it, billboards: films, artwork and even in our daily lives at work and home; all of these different places will usually treat us to at least one flash of pearly whites. This multitude of smiles underlines just how important an attractive set of teeth can be, and it's also important to remember that it's not just happiness that brings a grin. 

We use our teeth and smile to showcase a wide range of emotions, ranging from unbridled joy right through to sheepishness and even anger. It's therefore incredibly important to make sure that your chompers are looking good, which is where aesthetic and cosmetic dentistry comes in.

One key element of this type of dentistry is smile design, and in this article we'll dive a bit deeper into haw the process works and what you can expect from it. 

Tired of hiding your teeth? Consider smile design. Tired of hiding your teeth? Consider smile design.

The planning

Arguably the most important part of smile design is everything that goes into the procedure before it actually takes place. Through consultations with you and a dental ceramist, your dentist will work out how a specific look can be achieved. It's important to keep in mind what exactly you'd like to get out of the process, and to be happy with the proposed smile before you get it. After all, it's something you'll be seeing a lot of. 

The planning process involves models, wax-ups and mock-ups, all to help you settle on a desired result. When you're happy, you and your dentist can move forward into the next stage – getting you that dream smile. 

Typical procedures involve gap filling, teeth shape alterations and positional changes.

The process

The process of smile design is different for every person, depending on the condition of their teeth and the work that needs to be carried out. Typical procedures involve gap filling, teeth shape alterations and positional changes. As well as these, your dentist can improve the appearance of cracked or chipped teeth to make sure that your grins and grimaces are always looking fresh. In more severe cases, porcelain caps, veneers and crowns can be fitted to both strengthen your bite and hide damage. 

Even the smallest changes can have a substantial effect, but if you're after something truly dazzling, talk to the team at City Dentists about combining smile design with aesthetic teeth whitening, to give you a long lasting smile that's sure to dazzle. 

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