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Why broken teeth should be restored

When you meet someone for the first time, what is the very first thing that you notice about them? For many people, it’s their smile. Whether it’s been a really bad day or a great one, seeing someone smile at you feels tremendous and is often infectious – you just can’t help but smile right back.

But when your teeth are crooked, chipped or noticeably damaged, you may feel somewhat self-conscious about reciprocating their pleasantry. Through cosmetic dentistry and other services, however, you can get the self-confidence you need to flash your pearly whites.

Here are a few of the reasons why you should consider having your teeth restored if one, two or several teeth are broken, missing or not as brilliantly white as you’d like them to be:

Reduces painful symptoms
Given it’s called “cosmetic dentistry,” people frequently associated teeth restoration with improving one’s physical appearance. While this is certainly one part of it, having your teeth restored can also diminish ongoing pain or discomfort. If any one of your teeth is broken, it raises the risk of infection.

The body’s natural response to this is triggering pain receptors, informing you that there’s a problem. The discomfort is noticeable initially, but over time, you may become inured to it and learn to live with it. This is no way to live. Aside from that, an infection may lead to other oral health complications, such as gum disease. Pursuing restoration can take the pain away and dramatically improve your quality of life.

Woman eating popsicle. Sensitivity to cold and hot foods is a common issue when your teeth are damaged.

Avoid costly future procedures
Oral health is linked with many other aspects of your well-being as the body is highly interconnected. And while the immune system is naturally resilient, infections or diseases that occur in the mouth are usually progressive. In other words, they get worse before they get better and tend not to heal themselves. By treating damaged teeth in a prompt fashion, you may be able to avoid other oral health problems that may require procedures with a high price tag, like tooth extraction or a root canal.

Wide variety of payment plan options
At City Dentists, many of our clients who’ve pursued teeth restoration have told us that the newfound confidence they have made the procedure truly priceless. However, we understand that cost may be a concern. Many practises, including City Dentists, offer several different financing options. These include the Q Card and Nova Medical Finance. The Q Card allows for interest-free financing for a full year for any treatment over $300 and Nova Medical Finance will extend you the necessary funds for many different procedures. Visit their websites to learn more or to apply.

Feel better about yourself
It’s the beauty inside that truly matters. While that statement is certainly accurate, you can’t help but feel great about who you are and what you do when you’re looking good and you know it. Getting your teeth restored, so they look magazine cover-worthy, can give you a tremendous sense of self-assurance in virtually any circumstance you find yourself in, be it in a job interview, on a date, meeting with friends or simply sitting at home laughing at a funny show or movie.

Avoid bone loss
When broken teeth aren’t treated by a professional, you may have no other choice but to have them removed due to infection and the risk impacting other teeth. Extraction can not only be painful and expensive, but when nothing is there to replace them, it can weaken the bones in your jaw, called the alveolar bone. Dentures may help with chewing, but it lacks the chewing pressure the alveolar bone needs to stay strong and may cause realignment of facial bones below the nostrils.

In short, bone loss can fundamentally change what your face looks like, to the point of making you look older than you are in actuality. You don’t have to worry about such a scenario by getting your smile restored.

Older woman smiling Teeth whitening is a common form of teeth restoration.

Many restorations to choose from
When you think of the term “teeth restoration,” you probably think of veneers, which are placed over the teeth and are typically used for aesthetic purposes. But cosmetic dentistry goes far beyond veneers. Whether it’s teeth whitening, implants, crowns or bridges, you have many options available to you by getting your teeth looking better than ever.

It won’t hurt
One of the most common questions we get at City Dentists is whether our procedures will hurt. While there is no question that dental procedures don’t tend to be the most comfortable of treatments, we have lots of different ways to keep any pain at bay. Sedation is something that many of our patients use for extensive procedures, which helps them to relax and avoid the anxiety associated with going to the dentist.

If you’ve been meaning to get your teeth restored, don’t wait another minute. Contact City Dentists to schedule an appointment or consultation.

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